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Current Fundraising Campaign - Cardiac Telemetryviking-oct-thermo.PNG

Cardiac Telemetry improves patient safety and enhances clinical decision-making.

"The leading cause of hospitalization in Canada is Heart Disease and Stroke, accounting for 16.9% of total hospitalizations" - Heart & Stroke Foundation.

The Cardiac Telemetry improves patient's safety, ensuring that heart events are caught quickly. The sooner treatment is offered, the better the prognosis for the patient. It is an $80,000 investment, considered to be "state of the art" monitoring of patients suffering heart failure.

Donations are gratefully accepted. You may make your tax exempt donation to the Viking Health Foundation online or at the Viking Health Centre or Medical Centre. Watch the monitor monthly as your generous donations add up to reach our goal!

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How Cardiac Telemetry Works:


  • The patient wears electrodes on the chest which are attached to leads and a telemetry transmitter. The transmitter sends the electrical activity of the heart to a computer screen, where the patient’s heart rate and rhythm can be monitored continuously and unobtrusively.
  • If the patient develops problems, the monitoring staff can respond quickly, and abnormalities and arrhythmias can also be noted and brought to the attention of a cardiologist who can use this information in diagnosis and treatment.
  • Wearing a portable transmitter allows patients to be mobile, as long as the signal stays in range of the monitoring station.
  • Improves patient’s safety, ensuring that heart events are caught quickly. The sooner treatment is offered, the better the prognosis for the patient.



Heart Disease and Stroke are 2 of the 3 leading causes of death in Canada for both men & women.” - Statistics Canada

"Every 7 minutes in Canada, someone dies from heart disease or stroke.” - Heart & Stroke Foundation



viking-newspaper3.PNGMay 2014 - Viking’s Cindy Docksteader donated a 15-inch pony tail to Alfred’s Hair-Kids With Cancer program and, at the same time, raised $4,798.30 which she donated to the Viking Health Foundation to help purchase a Cardiac Telemetry machine. Thank you Cindy for demonstrating your strong commitment to support your community!





September 2013 - Craig Tanton of TNT Instrumentation Inc. shown giving the donation cheque to Viking Health Centre's Site Manager, Sharon Burden. The funds were for the Viking Health Foundation's Cardiac Telemetry equipment fundraiser and were raised in TNT's annual Golf Tournament.


Trent Place on behalf of the Viking Oilmens' Association, makes a donation to the Cardiac Telemetry equipment for the Viking Health Centre. Receiving the cheque for the Viking Health Foundation is hospital Site Manager, Sharon Burden.


vikingcardresize.jpgPhyllis Lefsrud and Carole Shippy with the "Heart Chart" tracking the progress.

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